Our Master

Master Chua

Feng Shui is a form of ancient Chinese art. It studies the energy circulation in nature as well as the effect of the living environment on people. Feng Shui is simultaneously regarded as science and art.

Our awareness of the measurable parameters of Feng Shui principle such as location, direction and time enables us to bring a person in balance with the place he or she lives in. This can help them achieve a better, healthier and more successful living.

Our Services

Geomancy Consultancy

We provide effective Feng Shui solutions that will help you stand a higher chance of achieving your goals. We also help you make wise decisions that will improve your life.

Feng Shui for Residential

A Residential audit first aims to help you achieve a harmonious environment for you and your family.

Feng Shui for Commercial

The Feng Shui attributes in your office premises have the potential to influence your business.

Personal Life Analysis

Personal life analysis is a tool that you look upon to provide you with wise guidance and it can be used to discover your destiny.


What People Say

"Met Master Chua recently, he is very knowledgeable in his field and provide solutions in all aspects which give me a great boost. He is very patient in advising me what I should do to avoid any future mishaps and importantly what benefits me. Highly recommend to seek Master Chua for his geomancy service."
Mr. Edwin Teo
"Five years ago, I asked Master Chua to look at Feng Shui for the house. The layout of the home was not good. After Master Chua's Feng Shui planning and design, every- thing went smoothly, and the economic downturn did not affect me too much, Work was stable and family mem bers were healthy, Special thanks to Master Chua!"
Mr. Richard Tan
Feng Shui
"I never knew about Feng shui and had always regarded it as a Chinese superstition. Not until years ago when I was introduced to Feng shui by one of Master Chua's disciple, Cris. During that time, my company was going through some difficult times and Cris suggested that it might be due to the Fengshui of my company. I was skeptical about it but I found no harm in trying some "alternative" help. I applied the Feng shui changes as given by Master Chua in my office and within a short period of time I saw improvements in my business. I have been consulting Master Chua every year for my yearly analysis since 2005. Master Chua explains very clearly what I should look out for within the year and this has helped me to prepare myself during difficult times. It might be difficult for a westerner like myself to understand the complexity of the elements but the accuracy of such ancient Chinese knowledge of Feng shui and Year analysis still amaze me."
Martinus Bernardus Kerstens
"Back in 2009, I was retrenched by the company due to economic crisis.I had difficulties finding another similar job. To make matter worse, I was stuck with the monthly vehicle installment, HDB loan, household expenses etc. The breakthrough came when I met Master Ricky. I followed his advice and managed to secure a stable job. Having able to put food on the table, I then decided to further my learning on metaphysic and geomancy from Master Chua. His vast knowledge and experience in geomancy and Taoist ritual still amazes me til this day. Master Ricky is a famous geomancer in Singapore and have lots of clients seeking for his services but he always made it a point to bring his disciples out for on-job-training so that he could use real life examples to explain his teaching. On 2012, I took up the challenge and opened a shop to provide card reading, geomancy, life analysis etc. Since then, life is improving and I now have a stable income. I would like to thank Master Ricky for his guidance and support to me throughout these years."
Wilson Ng
"My "boyfriend" wooed me for more than 1 year. He treated me really well and loved me a lot. But I did not cherish him, I took him for granted and when I realised my own feelings, it was too late. He had given up on wooing me and there was a third party. I was heartbroken and depressed when I knew about them. Since then, he became very cold towards me. Many of my friends told me to give up but I just couldn’t move on. I did whatever I could to win back his heart but it didn’t work. During that period of time, he was leading both sides on and he couldn’t make up his mind. So I went to look for Master Chua. I had tried 和合 法 in Hong Kong before so I didn’t hesitate to do another. Master Chua was very patient in hearing me out and he gave me a lot of advices. Honestly, after talking to him, I felt a lot more confident. Master Chua taught me so much, that I need to believe in myself and also 六壬仙 師. I am now back with my boyfriend thanks to Master Chua. Thank you so much, Master Chua."
Stacey Lee



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