Commercial Geomancy


Commercial Geomancy

Commercial Geomancy Consultancy

The Feng Shui attributes in your office premise has the potential to influence your business. Enhancing these feng shui attributes can create a harmonious work environment, which ensures smooth operations, healthy workforce and a flourishing business. With our Feng shui master, we will guide you to a profitable and thriving business.

When comes to fengshui, in any case, which is important for the settings of any business or homes. For this case, office fengshui not only implicates the health of your employees, but also the growth of your business. Whether or not your business profits can also be largely affected by the fengshui of your office.

And what affects the fengshui of your office? It is the environment that you live/work in. Our external environment affects our internal state of being vice versa. Feng shui is used to bring the qi (energy) of living spaces into harmony with the people who live/work there. Feng shui helps us recognize energy patterns and changes within our environment. Which can be used to understand how we can design our home/working space to correct the differences and flaws.

Sometimes, bad fengshui can cause disharmony amongst employees and affect the morale and motivation. All in which will implicate the efficiency and progress of any company.

Fengshui is crucial and I would say it is one factor that you can control to help your business grow.

Mindchamps Preschool is a renown education centre that provides the younger generation with a conducive environment and all sorts of support to help them strive academically. As a Fengshui consultant for the company, I have provided professional advices in terms of their operating environment and how Fengshui can impact their talent aspects. Having seen the Mindchamps empire thrive and aid countless number of students achieve the goals in their lives, I am sure their business will continue to prosper and bring major impact to the younger generation. Thank you to the Founder CEO and Chairman of Mindchamps for customising this plague of appreciation to me and for the support over the years.
Mindchamps Preschool是本地一間駐名連鎖教育學校,它秉持着為下一代莘莘學子有个良好舒适的环境,多年来受聘我為其公司的風水顧問,希望每个學生在安全又能啓智的优貭环境下學習。Mindchamps 創办人兼主席詹先生感謝蔡老師多年来的提點與策划,特别訂制感谢牌匾贈于我。
Commercial Geomancy Feng Shui
David Chiem founder CEO and Chairman of Mindchamps Preshool

Industrial Geomancy

With no constraints set in both the external and internal premise. The construction process will lay the foundation to your thriving business and organisation. A unique framework will be set in place to your business’s goals and profile. Our Feng Shui master will work hand in hand with the contractors, architects and interior designers to create the ideal workplace to suit the needs of your business/organisation




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