Residential Geomancy


Residential Geomancy

Residential Geomancy Consultancy

A Residential audit first aims to help you achieve a harmonious environment for you and your family.

Good fengshui brings about luck in things you do, be it in the aspect of your career, romance or health. The smallest details can change the way things go your way.

With the help of our Feng shui master, we will map out the best feng shui design for your home that taps on all things positive. We are experienced and  have the knowledge to give you a better understanding of your fengshui needs.

Property Geomancy Consultancy

Picking out a house is not simple, especially when it comes down to whether or not that house is suitable for you and your family. Since the external premise is something you can’t change, you have to make sure that the chosen location has good feng shui and is beneficial to you.

A house with negative Feng Shui can bring disharmony to a family, and misfortunes to the owner . With our Feng shui master’s guidance, we will help you to choose a suitable place that you can call Home.



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