What is

Feng Shui

What is

Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

FengShui, also known as Chinese Geomancy, is a form of ancient Chinese art. It studies the energy circulation in nature as well as the effect of the living environment on people. FengShui is simultaneously regarded as science and art.

Our awareness of the measurable parameters of FengShui principle such as location, direction and time enables us to bring a person in balance with the place he or she lives in. This can help them achieve better, healthier and more successful living.

How Feng Shui Works

Ancient China believed that the universe worked in a certain pattern. This belief led to the development of a system of numerological codes.

The relation between an individual and his environment is not the same in different places. For a master, this can be done by taking into account the various elements of a person’s life and their environment.

You need to get a personalized reading to see how Feng Shui works for you. It involves analyzing the Qi flows and the interactions between different people.

You can improve your Qi by focusing on the details such as the position of the doors, the direction of the stove, and the beds.

This practice will help keep the positive energy flowing in your home and workplace. It will also help you avoid and suppress the negative energy.

This course is not about putting good luck objects around your home or office. Instead, it is about assessing your Feng Shui practice.



Fengshui can aid you in many aspects of your life through the alteration of the energy flowing around you and your surroundings. It is a powerful way to make a positive change, a desired change. Be it enhancing your current string of luck or helping you turn things around. It uses the energy of the objects surrounding you to attract positive energy (through this, achieve better relationships, luck, happiness, prosperity and health.

No. FengShui is based on science and not spiritual traditions or superstitions, there are a set of methodologies that we adhere to, it is a massive body of knowledge centered around the study of energy.

Apart from the fact that Fengshui can change or better your current circumstances, it can also be seen as a “safety net”. The future is full of uncertainties and we’ll never know what will happen the next minute, it is always ideal to be prepared and informed.

Typically, clients consult us for unit selection before they decide to place a deposit or purchase the desired unit. However, if you already hold the keys, it is also possible to consult for an ideal house / commercial unit layout before moving in or the grand opening. Purchasing homes and moving into a new environment is a big decision and can affect how your life unfolds. Hence, it is always recommended to consult before making rash decisions.

Depending on the type of Fengshui consultation (commercial / residential), the following are required to study the Bazi configuration of the stakeholders and their compatibility to the unit:

  • DOBs of key personnel (commercial) or owners and family members (residential)
  • Floorplans

There are some factors that paper floorplans do not consider. Thus, offsite service is provided for viewing of the overall environment and physical layout of the unit. Our Master will then draft an audited floorplan according to any changes needed and an analysis report will be provided to the client.



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